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  • Empowering, Creative, Evidenced Based Therapy to reconnect with yourself, your partner and your life.

    Welcome to Breath of Hope Professional Counseling.

    You are not damaged. You don’t need to be fixed. You were hurt and need to heal.

    Effective therapy for relationships, trauma, loss, and life transitions. San Antonio therapy in Texas.

    Does this sound familiar? 

    Do you feel like you can’t be yourself in relationships?

    Do you have the willingness to be honest and curious about yourself in new ways?

    Do you feel misunderstood in arguments with your partner – like you are gridlocked in the same disagreement with no resolve?

    Do you long to be known, understood and accepted by your partner?

    Do you feel stuck in resentment, depression and anxiety?

    Do you like you are giving your all, but still feel disconnected from yourself or others?

    We are social beings. Relationships are a gift. They have the potential to be beautiful, life giving parts of our lives as well as stressful and exhausting ones. Whether you’re maneuvering an unhealthy situation or simply trying to reconnect and communicate better, pausing with compassion to examine the way you view, understand, and respond to situations is key to finding genuine fulfillment in your relationships again. Relationship counseling can be pouring into yourself to help you be more present with people that are most important to you. Relationship counseling can be for couples, helping them flow in relationship with deeper intimacy and greater understanding.

    Sacred space, creative & evidenced based skills, with fresh insight are dedicated to you to help you feel heard, validated and empowered.

    We work with hopeful, motivated couples and individuals who are gridlocked in the same painful conflicts over and over, struggling with loss, trauma, life transitions or feeling stuck and want a therapist who can help them develop skills, change patterns and grow individually and in relationship.


    Learn more of your partner’s internal world: hopes, worries, and aspirations.

    Learn fresh ways of communicating especially in difficult moments

    Acknowledge and communicate how you feel and what you need.

    Feel more secure in the wonderful things you bring to your relationships

    Learn to appropriately set healthy boundaries that support mental, emotional, & physical health.

    Pinpoint deep-rooted beliefs or thoughts that keep you stuck.

    Appreciate better sleep and physical health.

    Take notice of your own intuition and ability to trust yourself.

    If any of these statements resonate with you….You are in the right place.

    Our Motto is that effective therapy begins with genuine connection. This begins with being matched with the right therapist that fits your unique needs.

    We are a group of clinicians who genuinely love helping people and find great joy in connecting with our clients. Our aim is to serve you with the best quality care in a comfortable space.

    We each have very different specialties that richly complement one another providing holistic healing for you in mind and body.

    Invest in yourself. Invest in your relationships. It is a priceless gift to you. 


    Specializing in: 

    Trauma/ Grief and Loss: Past painful experiences don’t have to interfere in your present life. We will work together to help you heal, make meaning out of your past, let go of the anger, shame and guilt, feel more accepting of yourself, and celebrate a resilient you.

    Life Transitions: Life transitions can come in many forms. Slowing down and unpacking what is really going on can be tremendously helpful. This new understanding, reflection and connection with yourself can assist in seeing the bigger picture.  You begin to gain a sense that you are okay.

    Couple therapy: Gottman Method Couple Therapy.

    Invest in your love relationship to improve friendship, fondness and admiration, enhance romance and intimacy, manage conflict constructively, gain skills to address perpetual and solvable problems, and create shared meaning. Maintain gains throughout a lifetime.


    Methods used:

    Group Experiences: 7 Principles that Make Marriage Work Seminar

    Shamanic Breathwork

    Gottman Couple therapy

    Gottman Couple Intensives (1-2 days)

    Sand Tray therapy

    EMDR therapy

    EMDR Intensives

    Energy therapy: Shamanic Breathwork and Reiki


    Lactation Consultant

    Licensed Massage Therapy


    How this process works.

    Free Consult: Send an email letting me know you would like a 15 min consult to see if we are a good fit and ask any questions.

    Safe Space: Receive warm, thoughtful support as you begin to examine issues of the heart and rewrite your new life story.

    Transformation: Step into the confident, genuine person you are with the wisdom and skills you need to have fulfilling relationships.

    You don’t have to continue to struggle alone and pretend that everything is FINE.  Instead accept the struggle as a transformational opportunity to discover a new you. We can help you get there. 







    The Team


    The Gottman method allowed our marriage to flourish through carefully studied and thought our practices.
    The insights we gathered from each other as a couple would have taken years to uncover.
    Dreams within a conflicts allowed us to define and acknowledge tensions that arise in our relationship.
    We are very aware and mindful of the four horsemen and we are more in tune with how we feel with each other and how respond when we get overwhelmed and flooded.
    Since employing these methods we have successfully been able to de-escalate conflicts before causing further harm.
    All the practices utilized during our sessions opened up doors to allow for open, honest communication and the love we have for each other to grow beyond our wildest dreams.


    I wish I had known about EMDR so many years ago to help with many of my past military and other life traumas. However, I am so grateful that I am able to utilize it now, even years after traumatic events. The healing from EMDR has changed my life in so many ways then I can explain. It has helped me my marriage, as a mother, and with so many relationships with family, friends and coworkers. Being law enforcement, I recent my went through an extremely traumatic event and working with Kim with EMDR right away allowed me to heal in ways I never thought possible. This traumatic event was life changing… but working with Kim and utilizing EMDR has allowed me to heal and process in ways I honestly didn’t even think were possible. I promise you, EMDR is worth it, do not be afraid to try it.


    Compassionate & Professional

    We care about you, your family, and your story. You can trust that we will treat you with respect, dignity and compassion in every interaction, while maintaining the highest standards for integrity and ethics.

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