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    Laura Castellanos LMT

    Licensed Massage Therapist


    My name is Laura Castellanos L.M.T. I am a Therapist with a demonstrated history of working in the health and wellness industry, I graduated from the Academy for Massage Therapy Training, I am very passionate about helping others achieve their wellness goals.My therapeutic massage techniques range from very light touch to deep touch. Moderate pressure is required at the least to stimulate vagal activity and induce parasympathetic response.

    Communication is a key element to a successfultreatment; I will discussyour concerns and comfort level prior to starting each session, and modify the massage to accommodate your needs. My therapy is done with great thoughtfulness and empathy to ensure you remain safe and comfortable throughout the treatment. Your boundaries are always respected.

    While massage can be deeply relaxing on a purely physical level, research also indicates that it produces profound neurochemical  changes that increase psychological well-being.

    One study published in the “International journal of Neuroscience” found that serotonin increased an average of 28% and dopamine levels increased 31% following massage therapy. Massage decreases cortisol levels while increasing serotonin and dopamine production, engaging your body natural ability to elevate mood and reduce stress.

    These neurological changes may explain why people with depression and anxiety who receive massage treatment report decreased symptoms.

    Findings suggest reduction of substance abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, and dissociation after massage therapy.

    By combining the nourishing abilities of physical contact with the medical expertise necessary to treat both emotional and physical pain with the highest standard of care, massage therapy can provide great comfort, relaxation, and mind-body integration. Massage therapy is proven to provide relief from psychological distress, and can play significant part in the treatment of mental health disorders.

    Benefits of Massage Therapy

    • Alleviates physical tension and pain
    • Boosts immunity
    • Improves circulation
    • Relieves stress
    • Increases the mind-body connection
    • Creates better quality sleep
    • Enhances mood, emotional stability, and self-awareness

    At Breath of Hope, you will know that you are in a safe place-one of kindness, expertise, and genuine compassion for the healing process. I offer $20 off your first 1 hour massage.