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    Community Service to Clinicians

    Kimberlee Daughtry MA, LPC-S, RPT, EMDR, believes in the power of community in San Antonio! In 2019, she created two professional consult groups where practicing clinicians could have a supportive space to share ideas and challenges. The purpose of these events is to promote growth, connection, and high-quality care for clients in our community.
    The first consult group is a quarterly Mastermind Dinner group. At each meeting, dinner is provided and local clinicians come together in a collaborative atmosphere. During this 3 hour time, therapists have a chance to share what they are doing and learning in their field. They also offer the group challenges they would like to have the “Masterminds” give perspective. The energy at this dinner is electric as great minds come together and support. This event is free.

    The second group is a quarterly EMDR Peer Consult group. This group is for clinicians who are passionate about the practice of this awesome therapy, EMDR. At each meeting, clinicians trained in EMDR come together to share what they are currently practicing and gain new perspectives from group members. This event is free.
    Pictures of past Mastermind and EMDR peer consult groups.