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    Marathon Jumpstart Intensives

    A couple’s marathon is an opportunity for a couple to launch the healing of their relationship in an efficient and powerful way. Marathons are ideal for the couple who has a busy schedule and does not have time to meet weekly. Some couples meet for a 1 day intensive every 2-3 months instead of weekly. Intensives are also ideal if a couple is wanting to get a jump start on the assessment process that can take 3 weeks of traditional weekly meetings. The couple’s marathon is a personalized program based on what you are wanting. The marathons can combines anywhere from 3-12 weeks of weekly therapy into 1- 3 days, depending on the specific intensive chosen. Marathons are more time efficient and cost effective because it cuts out the weekly check-ins and life interruptions that typically occurs with traditional weekly therapy.

    Intensives provide a good foundation for further growth and development and increases the likelihood of continuing with the work of therapy to the point of healing. (Note – This model does not guarantee a quick “cure” from all emotional issues. It simply speeds the process.)

    Many couples find that after the marathon they feel better and prepared to work on their relationship on their own. Others find the marathon a great way to jumpstart their couple therapy and decide to continue on with weekly sessions or once every 4-6 weeks. Regardless, you will leave with a better understanding of one another and things you need to do to get back on track.

    Intensives; 1 day, 2 days, or 3 days?

    The number of days you choose is entirely up to what you are needing.
    One Day Marathon can stand alone and be an amazing jump start on any relationship. It incorporates the traditional structure of the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy.

    One Day Marathon: (6 hrs total)
    10-4 pm; Short breaks and lunch as needed.
    An intensive for one day would cover 6 weeks of traditional weekly couple therapy.

    It would include the traditional structure of the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy. It is structured into 5 parts during the course of the 6 hr day.

    1. Gottman Relationship Check up; Online Assessment: This can be completed prior to the first session.
    2. Oral History: I talk with couples about their relationship history. I will talk about how you met, your dating experience, marriage, transitions (like becoming parents or moving), and your relationship ups and downs.
    3. Individual Interviews: I meet with each person individually. During this time, I will learn about each partner’s perspective, any personal issues that may be playing a role in the marriage, as well as hopes, expectations and commitment to the relationship.
    4. Feedback Session and Treatment planning: During the feedback session, I will review your assessment findings, including information you gave during Oral History Interview and individual interviews and online assessment. Using Gottman Method’s Sound House Relationship, I will discuss areas of strength in your relationship as well as areas of growth.
    5. Skill Building: Couples intensive is dedicated to skill-building. Using the findings of your assessment, I will work on 1-3 skills that help any areas of need in your relationship, so you can continue to use those skills at home.

    2 Day Marathon: (12 hrs total)
    6 hrs each full day; (10-4pm) Short breaks and short lunch as needed.
    This 2 Day marathon is equivalent to 12 weeks of weekly couple therapy.
    A 2 day marathon would include, Day 1 agenda. Day 2 would work on the treatment goals for therapy, unpacking the deeper work

    3 Day Marathon : (18 hr total) is equivalent to 18 weeks of weekly couple therapy. (10-4pm each day; Short breaks and lunch as needed

    A 3 Day Marathon would include Day 1 agenda, Day 2 working on treatment goals, Day 3, continuing to work on treatment goals, unpacking the deeper work.

    Prices reflects a commitment to the longer process of therapy. There is a decrease in the rate with an increased commitment on time. Full payment due at time of registration.

    One Day Couple Marathon (6hrs) = $900.
    2 Day Couple Marathon (12 hrs ) =$1780.
    3 Day Couple Marathon (18 hrs) =$2430.

    There is an additional 4% courtesy fee on credit card payments due to their swipe fee.