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    Holistic Aftercare Treatment for Addictions

    Kimberlee Daughtry Lopez, LPC-S, RPR, EMDR has teamed up with Lisa Pinkstaff, LPC, Neurofeedback Clinician and Laura Castellanos, Licensed massage therapist to form a Holistic Aftercare Treatment program for those recovering from some type of addiction.  Treatment is aimed at focusing on the person’s Aftercare Program following detoxification and inpatient or outpatient services for chemical addiction. However, treatment is not limited to chemical addiction. Treatment can also encompass co-addictions such as codependency, eating disorders, gambling addiction, shoplifting, anger outbursts, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, panic and phobias.
    Not all psychotherapists understand addiction, neuroscience and are attuned to evidence- based treatments. Kimberlee Daughtry Lopez and her team does.
    Her specialty handles the specific psychotherapies that are effective in treating addiction.

    These clinicians conveniently practice in the same office building and work together to tailor an evidenced based holistic treatment program to meet your needs for recovery.

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